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Venlu Nonprofit Cloud is a registered Salesforce Partner

We Support Your Mission

Venlu Cloud Consulting understands the challenges our clients in the nonprofit sector face, from balancing the needs of constituents to meeting critical mission outcomes with limited budgets. Our Salesforce consulting services enable nonprofit organizations to build strong relationships with donors, volunteers, clients, and other constituents and make better data-driven decisions.

Salesforce Nonprofit Services
Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits

Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits is specifically designed marketing technology, crafted to assist organizations in providing meaningful and scalable experiences to their communities. It seamlessly integrates with data within the Nonprofit Cloud, empowering you to connect with supporters through visually stunning and tailored email campaigns.

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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud
  • Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising

  • Nonprofit Cloud for Case Management

  • Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management 

  • Nonprofit Cloud for Outcome Management

  • Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking

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Experience Cloud for Nonprofits

Experience Cloud for Nonprofits empowers you to create secure, interactive online spaces that enable stakeholders to engage with your organization at their convenience. Establish portals for direct connections with staff, supporters, or peers, enhancing transparency and control over personal information while saving staff time with self-service options.  

Build Strong Donor Relationships, Deliver Impactful Programs, Data-Driven Decisions

Venlu Cloud Consulting has the technical and operational expertise to guide your Salesforce transformation from start to finish. 

Salesforce Nonprofit  Expertise

Venlu Cloud Consulting Salesforce Implementation Services

We conduct a series of discovery sessions with your team to outline expectations to roadmap your implementation journey. We swiftly migrate your database from your previous management platform to the Salesforce ecosystem without duplication errors and data silos.

Venlu Cloud Consulting Salesforce Training Services
Training Sessions

We provide training and adoption sessions to your Salesforce for nonprofit users based on your requirements for easy and quick deployment. We also make sure that the results are always aligned with your organization’s mission and goals

Salesforce Nonprofit Services

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