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Public Sector

Salesforce services for government agencies

Client Focused Salesforce Solutions

Venlu Cloud Consulting offers a range of powerful solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. With our expertise in Salesforce Public Sector Solutions, we help Federal, state, and local agencies optimize citizen services, enhance data security, and streamline internal processes.

Serve the people faster with purpose-built solutions for government.

With Salesforce, government organizations can accelerate their ability to serve the people, improve transparency, and drive positive outcomes for their constituents.


Public Sector Solutions

Venlu Cloud Consulting Salesforce Public Sector Offerings
License and Permit Management

Accelerate the intake through approvals process with a digitalfirst approach.

Venlu Cloud Consulting Salesforce Public Sector offerings
Inspections Management

Increase community safety and compliance with mobile tools for inspections.

Salesforce Public Sector Offerings
Grants Management

Get the right funding to the right grantees faster, with automation.

Venlu Cloud Consulting Salesforce Public Sector Offerings
Emergency Program Management

Empower everyone to speed up emergency response efforts on a single platform.

Venlu Cloud Consulting Benefit Manager
Benefit Management

Transform experience and efficiency of government benefit programs.

Employee Experience
Employee Experience

Increase employee productivity with digital forms and workflows for everyday operations.

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